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  • Easingwold
  • 28 Aug 2014

#LittleFest Easingwold 2014 6th and 7th September

Not long to go now and Easingwold’s second LittleFest will be upon us. The theme last year was “Expect the Unexpected”. As a member of the Steering Group, this was a fair reflection of my experience of helping to plan and organise the event. Here are a few of the things I hadn’t expected:

That I would be able to convince my friends to spend the morning in the Co-Op dressed up in pantomime costumes, packing shopping bags, singing and spreading LittleFest joy among the (sometimes not so joyful)Saturday morning shoppers.

That I would try to friend teenage boys on Facebook in an attempt to get them to agree to perform in the Young People’s busk. And that I would experience such rejection.

That so many of my conversations with local businesses would start with the words, “I have an unusual request”.

That a window display featuring a baby dressed in sunflower costume could be so hilarious. 

That when I froze like a statue on the Market Cross for two minutes, I would be the only person taking part in the “Flash Mob”.

That I would be overwhelmed with the responsibility of borrowing the Primary School’s bell for the weekend and the relief I would feel on managing to return it safely.

That my failure to return Andre Marcus Hairdresser’s stepladder meant that they were unable to replace a light bulb on Tuesday morning. Hopefully, no-one’s haircut suffered (but if so, big apologies once again).

That we have so many exceptionally talented performers and artists living in and around Easingwold.

That I got the most satisfaction from the things that brought people together - from hearing that people spoke to their neighbours for the first time, to finding out that LittleFest led to performers with learning disabilities running a drama workshop at our local secondary school.

And also that I would get so much enjoyment out of the experience of being part of the steering group, meeting new people, getting to know more about my community and people’s willingness to get involved and try something new.

The programme for LittleFest 2014 is shaping up nicely, with a mixture of fantastic local talent and national performers. It should be another great weekend and while I have tried to plan what I will be doing, I am also preparing myself for the unexpected. I hope lots of people will come along and do the same. 

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